‘Wild’ Interior Trend at Maison Objet 2016.

Home ideas from Maison Objet – ‘Wild’ Interior Trend.

‘Wild’ Interior Trend at Maison Objet 2016. Natasha visited Maison Objet to get inspired and meet with customers – ‘Wild’ was the key trend showing at Maison Objet which will get stronger over the next two years as this trend filters into the interior ranges. At the bottom of our post we have posted designs and colourways to help you choose blinds on this trend.

Wild is a trend from savage to sacred. In the trend rooms it showed a journey in three stages Forest, Urban, Nature. About the forest being a place of healing. Expressing the renewed interest in urban flora growing with urban botanical classes, foraging, pressed + preserved plants etc for product inspiration going forward.

This trend was evident on so many stands with the use of big fern plants, grasses and greens. I have shared a few key stands that showed how this trend is evolving brining the outside inside our homes. Also loving the big hanging baskets / or oversized grow bags as a idea, so you can bring different levels into your garden.

I especially love the mix of greens and yellows / soft sages with silver / deep greens with Apple yellows / very soft sage with navy and grey / chalky Algie greens are a colour I want to explore for our next ranges. Creating dusky tones that mix together effortlessly.

MakeaBlind key designs to get the look:

We have a wide variety of greens in our current collections that you can mix to create a look in line with this growing ‘Wild’ trend bringing the outside into your home.

In our Roman or Fabric Roller Blinds the key colours and designs to focus on are the Natasha Marshall Apple in Plectrum, Zip, Drift, Beanstalk designs or Cactus & Nightshade colours in designs Link, Pompom or Bud or plains Alibi Apple, Olive, Parchment & Moon Rock.

Or in our Roller Shades the key colours and designs are Sticks Flint & Palm, Tropical Forest, Bracken Sand, Eden Charcoal and Strata Zest. Or plain Blackout Blinds including colours like Apple, Green, Lime, Concrete and Zinc.

Remember you can speed up your colour choices by choosing a colour dot to filter all the blinds available in that shade.