Bedroom ‘Drift’ Roman Blinds

Bringing pattern into your bedroom – Roman Blinds


A customer has shared photos with us of her new bedroom roman blinds that are made using Drift, nightshade. These roman blinds are made using our standard lining or you can have them with a blackout lining if you would like to keep out all light.

It is nice to see the daylight coming through the blind when using a standard lining as you get to still see the woven cloth texture as shown in these photos. Our standard lining is a cotton lining that lets a gentle light through so you see the texture of the cotton linen during the day and early mornings as well as full privacy night and day when down over the window.

Blackout linings are our favourite for bedrooms as it provides complete blackout of the sunlight so you sleep until you need to. It will provide complete privacy when the blinds are down. It also works like the thermal linings in helping keep the heat in the room due to the thickness of the lining. So when down they are giving you a stylish room as well as being functional to help reduce your energy bills.


Natasha Marshall ‘Drift’ design


We offer the Natasha Marshall ‘Drift’ design in 5 colourways – Nightshade (as seen here), apple, chilli pepper, jet and sand as Roman blinds. This design and colourways are also all available as Fabric Roller blinds.

Drift graphic wave fabric by Natasha Marshall is one of the designs from their new Ikon collection launched in 2015. The drift fabric design was originally created by the Natasha Marshall design team in 2007, and due to its continuing popularity it has been recoloured to create an enduring modern graphic design. The original inspiration for Drift was derived from drawings and photographs of the city, and this urban influenced print proves that pattern inspiration really can be found anywhere.

The fabric is screenprinted in the UK on to a beautifully soft Cotton Linen base cloth.