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Control Type


The Make A Blind sidewinder roller blind is available with a plastic or nickel metal control chain. There are white metal universal brackets for face, top or side fixing with a 32mm, 40mm or 45mm grooved aluminium barrel, depending on the size of the blind and fabric weight. Fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel, and features a white plastic bottom bar as standard. The bottom bar is covered with fabric at the front.

Slow Rise Spring

The Make A Blind slow-rise spring roller blind promises smooth and quiet operation. White metal universal brackets for face or top fixing with 32mm grooved aluminium barrel. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel, and features a white Tear Drop aluminium bottom bar as standard

Electric Low Voltage

The Make A Blind electric roller blind comes with a low voltage battery motor as standard. The white metal brackets have plastic covers, for face or top fixing, on 40mm grooved aluminium barrel. The barrel houses a 7.4v DC motor with electronic limit stops and a slow stop/start feature. The motor is controlled by a stop/start feature. The motor is controlled by a charged by either a mains charger or solar panel. The fabric is locked into a groove in the barrel, and it features a white plastic bottom bar as standard. The bottom bar is fabric covered at the front.