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Fabric Roller Blinds

Fabric Roller Blinds



Fabric roller Blinds by Make a Blind are made using the designer fabric collections by Natasha Marshall. The Alegre, Alibi and Ikon collections have been used to make striking fabric roller blinds by Make a Blind. The process involves laminating the printed cotton linen fabric to create a fabric roller blind which can then be lined to create a beautiful statement window. The lining on the fabric roller blinds by Make a Blind can be white or Ivory in colour and can also be blackout in quality to ensure that maximum daylight be excluded when the fabric roller blind is closed.

All fabric roller blinds by Make a Blind are designed in Scotland and the blinds are also made in Scotland. They conform to the highest safety standards which makes them an ideal addition to your home. A fabric roller blind is an excellent way to introduce colour and design to your home. The blinds are striking and colourful and are all beautifully complemented by the Natasha Marshall fabric and Home furnishing ranges.

The process of creating your own fabric roller blind with Make a Blind could not be easier. You measure your windows, using the detailed instructions on the make a blind website, select your fabric and colour from the wide variety of designs available in the fabric roller blind section of the site and place your order online. We will do the rest and after approximately ten days, we will despatch your bespoke fabric roller blind direct to your door.

You can select whether you require your fabric roller blind to sit inside or outside your window recess and also whether you require the pull mechanism to be on the right or the left of your blind, making them the perfect fit for your modern interior.

Fabric Roller Blinds with a blackout lining will also help to stop heat loss in your home making them a very practical addition as well as ensuring that daylight can be excluded.