‘Make It Safe’ / Members of the BBSA

Child Safety ‘Make It Safe’

We are members of the group ‘Make It Safe’ through our membership of the BBSA. At MakeaBlind we are passionate about creating the best quality blinds here in the UK and this includes insuring we give you peace of mind when it comes to child safety.

All our Blinds are supplied under the ‘Make it Safe’ Legislation:

Being members of the BBSA means that we are obliged to fully comply with the child safety legislation. Every blind we supply, for any room in your home, comes with a child safety device and we urge you to carefully install this to each blind. All our blind chains are finished at a maximum of one metre to ensure that they are out of reach of small children, with the addition of a break-away device. However we would also advise that cots and beds are not next to your windows so they remain out of reach f your blinds are in a children’s bedroom.

To find out more about the Make It Safe campaign you can visit the website www.makeitsafe.org.uk.

Children’s Bedroom Blinds:

Our collection of children’s blackout roller blinds are both practical and fun. Our range features a selection of modern, bright and friendly stand alone designs and a variety of more subtle, complementary options. Blackout blinds are the natural choice for children’s rooms or nurserys as they prevent light entering the room, allowing your child to sleep peacefully and undisturbed whatever the time of day, they also provide complete privacy when the blinds are down. All our blinds adhere to current legislation regarding child safety and are fitted with child safe devices.

You can choose kids room blinds from 4 different parts of our website:  Children’s Blackout Roller Blinds / Plain Blackout Roller Blinds  or choose a blackout lining when ordering from our Fabric Roller Blinds / Roman Blackout Blinds.