Natasha Marshall Ikon Fabrics Printing – Behind the Scenes

Natasha Marshall Ikon fabrics being screen-printed.

The designs that are printing in this post are from the Natasha Marshall Ikon collection – Drift, Plectrum, Zip, Always, Blossom Beanstalk & Billow that you can order as Roman Blinds or Fabric Roller Blinds. The Natasha Marshall studio is based in Glasgow were the team have been designing fabrics and wallpapers for interiors since 1997. You can order these designs as fabric by the metre, wallpaper and cushions on the NM studio website.

Our Roman and Fabric Roller blinds are all created using the Natasha Marshall fabric collections which includes Ikon, Alegre and Alibi. We think blinds are a fantastic way of creating a modern bright interior and a great way to introduce colour and design to your home. The Natasha Marshall fabric collections we use at ‘Make a Blind’ promote the best of British design and manufacturing and here you can see the Ikon fabrics being screen-printed.

The Ikon collection has been created from our favourite and most recognisable Natasha Marshall designs revived in a palette of fresh, new colours. Many of the designs incorporated in the 2015 Ikon Collection were created by Natasha Marshall and Neil Fullerton between 1999-2007. They have proved so popular over the years, that they have been relaunched in new and updated colourways.

Uk Manufacturing images – Behind the scenes.


We thought you would like to see a few of the photos  we took during the development and manufacturing as we spend a long time working with the printers to tweak the colours until they are perfect. When they are on the print machine all the colours are soft and they need to go through the flash-age (Fixation of VAT prints) before the colours come up as true colour. We then take these into a room with daylight bulbs to sign off each colourway. The cotton linen prints are a beautiful quality fabric which give a stunning finish to a modern home when made into blinds.

Ikon Collection Background History.

Many of the designs in the new Ikon collection come from the Natasha Marshall Design archive. The duo behind the Natasha Marshall brand are husband and wife, Natasha and Neil Fullerton. Natasha and Neil both graduated from Glasgow School of Art where Natasha studied printed and knitted textiles and Neil, graphic design and then electronic imaging at Duncan Of Jordanstone. Their combined expertise in textiles and graphic design saw them create iconic designs from 1997 for their in-house collections including Plectrum, Drift, Always, Blossom and Beanstalk which are still very popular today.

These collections had been selling very successfully under license worldwide until 2008. In 2009, Natasha and Neil set up the Glasgow based design studio, Natasha Marshall Limited working predominantly as ghost designers working with mills around the world creating collections for a wide number of clients based throughout the UK and Europe. These brands sell the fabric and wallpaper collections worldwide into a wide number of sectors including retail, hotel, cruise, leisure and healthcare. Then 2015 saw the launch of their own retail studio collections selling their designs as fabrics by the metre, wallpaper, cushions, lampshades and rugs. The Natasha Marshall team pride themselves in supplying fabrics that are both imaginatively designed and coloured as well as technically suitable for each sector.

Ikon The Designs History:

2015 has seen the launch of Natasha’s own studio collections. The Ikon Collection includes many of the most popular designs Drift, Plectrum, Always, Beanstalk, Billow and Blossom. Whilst the Alegre Collection comprises new designs. With Tandem wallpapers ranges complimenting both ranges. All Natasha Marshall Collections are all stocked in the new Glasgow Studio and we aim to provide excellent customer service, with no minimum order quantities and prompt order fulfilment. You can order online or from a Natasha Marshall Stockist.

Plectrum: Designed in 1999. Part of the original Urban Print collection that was launched at 100% Design in 2001. This was the first stocked range that Natasha and Neil launched under the brand name Squigee.

Billow: Designed in 2007. Part of the Natasha Marshall Calypso collection that offered 6 colourways. This collection was all based on the underwater theme – billowing seaweed was the inspiration for Billow. We have simplified this design by removing the third colour for the new version in 2015!

Blossom: Designed in 2006. Part of The Park Collection that offered 5 colours. This collection was based on the drawings of park and country life – Blossoms on a branch was the inspiration for Blossom.

Beanstalk: Designed in 2006. Part of The Park Collection that offered 6 colours. This collection was based on the drawings of park and country life – Branches joining the stem was the inspiration for Beanstalk.

Always: Designed in 2006. Part of The Park Collection that offered 5 colours. This collection was based on the drawings of park and country life – The old countryside signposts was the inspiration for Always.

Drift: Designed in 2005. Part of the Decanto Prints collection offered in 5 colours. This collection was based on Natasha’s photographs about and about in Glasgow – Pavement photos was the inspiration for Drift.

Zip: Designed in 2014 to include in the new Ikon collection.