Images of our Patterned Fabric Roller Blinds

We love our Fabric Roller blinds made using high quality linen cotton prints, we have included images so you can see the quality of the blinds. We take a premium printed linen cotton cloth and laminate this to a lining of your choice / our standard cotton or blackout lining. Using a natural printed fabric brings a stunning quality and textured look into your room when your blinds are installed. We wanted to share photos of one of this blind that came in today which is ready to send out to a customer tomorrow so you can see the quality.

You can choose from a wide range of Natasha Marshall prints and plains. A laminated, fabric roller blind gives your home a soft and inviting designer look. All the Blinds are manufactured in Scotland, UK. This blind is made in the Natasha Marshall Flip fabric.  The blind is apparently going into a hallway, we cannot wait to see photos of it installed.

Our blinds have discrete fixings so it is all about the contemporary look and function of the blind bringing privacy to your room when down. We want the blind to be all about the pattern and colour it brings to your room. We believe simplicity is key for this to work in your interior.

Blackout Lining – Thermal Qualities:

This customer wanted to use a blackout lining on the roller blind for its’ thermal qualities. They had noticed that the window at the top of their hall stairs was loosing a lot of heat, so chose the blackout lining for it’ thermal qualities, rather than for keeping out all the light.

Blackout linings work like a thermal lining in helping keep the heat in the room due to the thickness of the lining. So when down they are giving you a stylish look as well as being functional to help reduce your energy bills and keep your home warmer.

All our Blinds are supplied under the ‘Make it Safe’ Legislation:

We are members of the group ‘Make It Safe’ through our membership of the BBSA. At MakeaBlind we are passionate about creating the best quality blinds here in the UK and this includes insuring we give you peace of mind when it comes to child safety.