Bring a Pop of colour into your home with Blinds 2017

Blinds are a great way to bring a pop of colour into your home with blinds 2017. We offer a wide choice of plain colours to choose from, which you can see here. We make roller and roman blinds. All our blinds are made to measure in the UK with quick delivery. Read more in this blog post to help you make interior choices or do get in touch with any questions.

Were to start: Why not choose your favourite colour to order blinds in for your new 2017 interiors? Or use a neutral colour to give a soft look to your home and then you use accessories for the pops of colour? Also consider ordering blackout blinds as they help insure you keep the heat in your home. Blackout fabric has  great thermal properties.

We offer plain roller blinds in Block or Alibi fabrics. Both fabrics have a wide variety of colours to choose from. Or remember we also supply roman blinds in Alibi a beautiful plain quality cotton fabric. All Blinds are UK made to measure.

Block is available in 41 colours and Alibi has 23 colours to choose from.

We loved seeing these colourful Kingfisher Roller Blind,s made in Block, being sent out to a customer last week. It makes a stunning quality blue roller blind and we hope we get to see photos of the blinds installed.

More information about ‘Block’ Blackout Roller Blinds:

Block is available in 41 colours. Our blackout blinds range Block is a premium plain, blackout fabric. It has a simple, matt, cotton texture so a great way to bring a pop of colour into your home with Blinds

In a bedroom a blackout blinds will help with a peaceful and uninterrupted nights sleep by excluding any light from outside. In a home office or living room a blackout blind helps to prevent glare on computer, tablet or television screens. Block also provides complete privacy when the blind is down.

Unlike many other blackout window blinds, the colour of the coating on the reverse of Block matches the shade on the front of the blind. This ensures the blind is as aesthetically appealing from the exterior of your home as it is from the interior.

Block blackout blinds also work in a similar way to thermal lined blinds, helping to keep the warmth inside your room. Blackout fabric due to the thickness of the cloth ensures that when the blinds are down they provide thermal qualities. So the Block roller blinds are not only a stylish window treatments but also functional and can help to reduce your energy bills.

All our blackout roller blinds made to measure. A Blackout fabric works as thermal blinds in your home keeping the heat in when down.

‘Alibi’ Roman or Fabric Rollers with cotton or blackout lining:

Alibi is a beautiful cotton plain fabric by Natasha Marshall Limited, a Glasgow based textile design studio.

Alibi can be used to create a stylish and modern contemporary interior by adding made to measure fabric roller or roman blinds. The Alibi collection is available in 23 colour ways so you can create a pop of colour in your home. It is perfect for the creation of a bright, fresh and modern interior and all our blinds are designed and made in the UK.

You can choose between a cotton lining or blackout lining. Personally we like to use a cotton lining in the sitting room, home office or kitchen as it still lets through a soft light. We use blackout in bedrooms so you don’t get woken up with daylight. It is very much a personal preference.

Bring a Pop of colour into your home with Blinds 2017:

Choose the colour you want to add to your room and then decide which type of blind you would prefer – Roller or Roman.

Enjoy planning your new interiors and please do share photos with us.