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Coloured Blackout Blinds

Introducing our coloured blackout blinds range. Block is a premium plain, blackout fabric with a simple, matt, cotton texture.  Block is available in a diverse range of 41 versatile colours.  In a bedroom a blackout window blind ensures a peaceful and uninterrupted nights sleep by excluding any light from outside, in a home office or living room a blackout blind helps to prevent glare on computer, tablet or television screens.  Block also provides complete privacy when the blind is down. Unlike many other blackout window blinds, the colour of the coating on the reverse of Block matches the shade on the front of the blind to ensure the blind is as aesthetically appealing from the exterior of your home as it is from the interior. Block blackout blinds also work in a similar way to thermal lined blinds, helping to keep the warmth inside your room due to the thickness of the cloth, ensuring that when the blinds are down they provide not only a stylish window treatment but are also functional and can help to reduce your energy bills.