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The Team

Neil Fullerton


Welcome to our Blog

To help with design ideas and find interior inspiration we have created the ‘Make a Blind’ Blog. We talk about the latest patterns, textures and colours that are being used in interiors. Look at trend colours and patterns. Sharing photos of blinds ordered by customers.  Show how our made-to-measure blinds help create beautiful, fresh and modern interiors.

Adding blinds to your windows helps to create a happy home. We believe that a window blind can transform your home interior. Whether you have small windows or large windows there will be a solution. Or do you want to help keep the heat in your home or the light out? Do you want privacy or pattern in your room? In the Make A Blind Blog we want to help you find answers to all these types of questions. We encourage you to contact us with your questions and share photos of your homes. #MakeaBlind

Make it Safe

Every blind is supplied with a child safety device. Childen can strangle if the safety device is not installed. Read the instructions carefully and install accordingly.